The Minimal Bond

There isn’t an awful lot to say about this little project, except that the only thing I’ve managed to do consistently is fail to meet my self-imposed deadlines.

The idea is/was simple enough;

  1. Every week, watch a movie from the James Bond series in the order in which they were released.
  2. Make a poster for that week’s movie in a minimalist (or reductionist, or really just simple and cool-looking) style.
  3. Put that poster up on Tumblr.

That’s it. That’s all. I started this project back in January. With 24 (I include Diamonds Are Forever in this list, as I’m going by the offical Gruber/Benjamin roster) films to watch and illustrate, I should have been done by… July.

It is mid-August, and I’m stuck on the second Timothy Dalton movie. I have 8(!) movies left to go.

Excuses, excuses

If you look through the posters, you can see a theme begin to develop. Mostly, it’s that I’ll languish for a few weeks on a particularly bad film (“For Your Eyes Only”, I’m looking at you), and I think that’s because this kind of thing is actually really hard.

I mean, try and distill the essence of an entire movie, especially a bad one, into a single object or concept, and do it in a way that makes sense to people who haven’t necessarily seen the movie and isn’t patronizing and has very little defining detail and still looks kind of cool.

Anyway, it’s on ongoing project. You can follow along here. One of my favorites is Goldfinger.